RECAP: Angels 0, Athletics 7 (8/11)

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Mike Scioscia addresses the media after the Angels fall to the A's, 7-0

- With the start that Tyler Skaggs was hoping for, coming off the DL, was it anything injury related or just a tough night?

- I don't know if Skaggs, he felt that great. Obviously he missed some time with a groin. It didn't look like it was very crisp. And on a night that obviously we needed some innings out of him, unfortunately, he couldn't get to a certain point in the game. But he battled hard and missed some spots, wasn't very crisp. And those guys hit the ball well.

- It's first time you've used a position player on the mound. Were you impressed that what you saw from Francis Garcia?

- He did a great job. He had done it before in the minor leagues. Definitely he was pumped up for it, and had, got three outs. So Frankie did a good job.

- You used a lot of arms in the bullpen tonight. So what's the plan for tomorrow?

- Probably gonna use a lot of arms in the bullpen tomorrow, too. It's going to be kind of a staff day. So we'll start with the first inning, and just mix and match, and see where we are after nine.

- Do you know who's going to start the first inning?

- Yeah, Taylor Cole will start tomorrow.