#XTRAPOINT: Power Players Auditions, Round 2

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Things are heating up on the ice during Round 2 of the Power Player tryouts.

- We may be at Anaheim Ice, but things are heating up. I'm Taylor Felix for Fox Sports XTRA Point. Welcome to Round Two of the Anaheim Ducks Power Player auditions. The ladies are getting ready to hit the ice and I'm taking you behind the scenes.

TAYLOR FELIX: What was your reaction when you found out you were coming to Round Two?

- I was super excited, of course. It's always a nerve-racking process, just because there's no guarantee, which is why we have to re-tryout every single year. But I saw the email, and I was like, OK, a weight off my shoulders for a day. And then the second day comes.

TAYLOR FELIX: As a veteran, you know how to skate, but are there still jitters for today?

- Definitely so. Because I only skated three games last year. I was lucky enough to be able to skate a game last year. But I'd rather skate at the game than in front of more judges.

- I'm a little nervous, like pre-audition jitters. But I'm feeling pretty confident and like, what's meant to be will be.

TAYLOR FELIX: You're about one number away from skating. How are you feeling right now?

- So nervous. I feel a little bit better because I had a donut earlier. So that kind of calmed my nerves and made me a little bit more happy. But yeah, I mean, we're all doing the same thing. And we're all kind of in the same boat here. So no one's really ahead of anyone else.

And we're all super supportive, if you can hear the screams happening behind me. But yeah, I mean, it's always very scary. Because I will probably fall. So I just kind of keep that in mind, so if I don't fall, I'm like, wow, good job, you know. [LAUGHTER]

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