Celebrate Vlad Guerrero’s Hall of Fame induction with a special Angels Weekly (10:30p, FSW)

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Angels Weekly goes to Cooperstown! Vlad Guerrero became the first Angel inducted into the Hall of Fame and to celebrate, we're bringing you a special all Vlad edition of Angels Weekly Friday after the Halos take on the A's!

[MUSIC PLAYING] - It is unbelievable. I mean, it is so exciting to finally get an Angel in the Hall of Fame, and one of the best Angels ever. So we're really excited.

- We're thrilled, you know. They're-- they're thrilled. There's going to be Vladdy stuff all over the stadium. We've been making a move to do that with the former players and have-- have a legacy built out there in Anaheim and remind all the fans of the former players and build a fraternity out there. And Vladdy's going to just use boost that, you know, three or four-fold.

So now we have a Hall of Fame guy and he'll be [INAUDIBLE]. He'll be revered. And he'll be a part of the organization forever.

- There are certain boxes when you're a professional major league team or a franchise that-- you love to have your All Stars, you love to have an MVP, a Cy Young, a the Rookie of the Year, a World Series championship. But having somebody go in here in Cooperstown as an Angel and wear that logo and wear it with a great sense of pride, I think for us is really the last box to be checked.

- I just smile every time I think about Vlad. And even walking around here today in Cooperstown, so many people are so excited. I mean, when the 2002 World Series is here, and Vlad going in is as an Angel is just below it, and it's almost like it's the greatest thrill for a lot of fans to see Vlad going into the Hall of Fame as an Angel. And it means so much to the fans.

You know, I get goosebumps-- I'm being quite honest. It's so cool that Angel fans are like, this is our guy. This is our guy. The first time ever, when you think about it, first time ever we're going to have somebody wearing an Angel hat in there for the Hall of Fame and is part of-- it's all part of the Angel family.

- ! There's been a lot of really talented players that have come through this organization. And there's some Hall of Famers that have come through this organization. But to finally have one that's going in Cooperstown wearing the Angels hat, it's special. And I know we're all proud as former Angel players to have Vlad go in wearing that Angel hat.