Victor Rojas talks about how reports of Mike Scioscia leaving the Angels effects the players and coaching staff

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The Angels broadcast team details what the news of Mike Scioscia leaving the Angels means for players and coaching staff.

- Victor, when something like this comes out, yes, it affects the manager, it affects the rest of the team. But let's not forget about the rest of the coaching staff, something that is very personal to you.

- Well, there's no doubt about it, Kent, I think when you talk about Mike Scioscia right now-- last night and also this morning-- having to deal with not only the questions from the media, but all the text messages I'm sure that he's getting from everybody since the report broke. And it's never an easy thing. I went through it in 1988, when my dad was unceremoniously removed as the manager of the Los Angeles Angels with 10 games to go in that season. And I've had to deal with it with my brother, who's been removed from two Major League staffs in Detroit as well as Seattle. So it's not fun.

And I think when you talk about Sosh, he's fine. He had a 10 year contract, $50 million, and I think he wants to continue to manage. But you do have a residual effect of that, you do have a coaching staff, who I'm sure have got family, and wives and so on and so forth, asking them questions. What's going to happen now? And you know, it's unfortunate that thing comes out right now.

It's August the 5th, there's a lot of time still left to be played as far as games are concerned, decisions to be made later on. And I think Mike said exactly what was on his mind. Nothing's changed since last October. In his mind, he feels like he's going to continue to manage, not only this year, perhaps maybe into the future. Whether it's with the Angels or somebody else, that remains to be seen.

But that's one of those things that you'll have to deal with as the season gets to an end, and even into the off season, and that's when, really, it's the-- the ultimate decision maker's Arte Moreno. And if Arte Moreno makes that decision, then so be it. But until we hear from Arte and the Angels, it really is just a bunch of rumor and a bunch of fodder for now.