Mike Trout (wrist) out of lineup for Angels

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The Angels star will not play on Thursday.

HOST: Trout, unfortunately, he will be out of the lineup this afternoon due to a right wrist contusion he suffered in yesterday's game. The first inning, trying to steal third base.

And when you look at the way Mike Trout plays, José, he's a guy that almost wills this team to win, putting them on his shoulders. And this is the way he plays the game.

JOSÉ MOTA: And the way he did it. I mean, he had just stolen second base, and he took a chance and got the spin move, maybe a balk move from the starter. But, overall, that's what he does!

And especially when a team is struggling offensively, there's going to be some ways in which you're going to try to find some down. Unfortunately, he landed twice on his wrist pretty hard.

MARK GUBICZA: Yeah, the big thing is he was trying to time Glasnow there to see how many times he would look back toward second. You see him jam the wrist there initially. And then, again, when you put all that weight on that wrist, as he tries to stay close to the base just in case the tag was not applied.

There were a couple of at-bats later on in the game for Trout in which he popped up in the infield. He had some pretty good pitches to hit.

He doesn't miss them too often. So clearly that wrist was bothering him throughout the rest of the game.

HOST: Now we'll show you--