Rays trade deadline moves prove their worth ahead of Angels series says Brian Anderson

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The Tampa Bay Rays were very active at the trade deadline, both shipping some of their biggest names and bringing in some new faces. Broadcaster Brian Anderson shares where that leaves them heading into the second half

- Brian Anderson. Always great to have him here in the booth and get a chance to talk a little bit about the Tampa Bay Rays and a couple of moves for them. And we'll obviously begin with the big one in that Chris Archer-- and I think his name had been floated out there for some time-- and taking it up to the deadline, not sure if he was ever going to be moved. But were you surprised that the move happened and the direction the team is going in?

- You know, not really. There was an awful lot of talk, and I thought the number of teams that got involved, you thought they were going to drive the price into an area that the Rays were going to meet them and make that trade. I thought it was interesting, and I'm sure we'll touch on it, when they traded for Tommy Pham earlier in the day I felt well maybe they're tapping the brakes on the Chris Archer deal.

But there was just so much smoke around Chris Archer that I thought that-- just too many teams involved. Too many teams involved, too much desperation. You're getting down to the deadline. He's probably going to be moved and ultimately was.

VICTOR ROJAS: Now with Archer being one of the so-called, I guess, normal starters for the Tampa Bay Rays, does it throw a wrench into the plans? Are they going to continue with this whole plan of starting relievers?

- You know what? They are. I think they're going to play that out for the rest of the season. Obviously you've got a guy like Yonny Chirinos who's transitioned back in, and he's going to become a traditional starter. I'm sure with Tyler Glasnow, one of the prospects that they got back from the Pittsburgh Pirates, he's going to start here tonight. Only going to go a couple of innings probably, because he's transitioning out of the bullpen. But they'll start to stretch him out.

There'll be different things that that they do to make sure that they eat up the innings in a quality way. It will be a challenge. It has been a challenge for Kevin Cash, but to this point really no one has been stretched too thin. The bullpen, it's been used a lot, but they've had a lot of bodies rolling in. Everybody's still somewhat fresh. So they're going to continue with this experiment, gather information on it, and see how it's going to work going forward.

I would assume though, at the end of the day, they may want to go with three starters, four starters, but that bullpen day, that opener, really intrigues them and I think that they feel that it's worked up to this point.

- All right, you mentioned Tommy Pham's name. He's coming over from St. Louis. I would imagine a little bit of a shocker for him, and actually his quotes were that he was absolutely shocked to be traded from the St. Louis Cardinals.

You go from this incredible baseball town-- not a knock on the Tampa Bay Rays-- little different vibe coming here. But you know what he's here today, in the line up in left field and batting in the cleanup spot. That's got to say something for you, doesn't it?

BRIAN ANDERSON: Yeah. No, I think that that's absolutely right. So they want to make his landing as soft as possible. They understand that he was probably as shocked as anybody. So you bring him in, and you're right you make him a focal point of your offense. You put him right in that high profile cleanup spot, and you let him go to work.

And I think that the Rays when they look at him, you know the numbers down a little bit from his breakout season a year ago. His batting average .306, on-base percentage of .411, he hit 23 homers. He stole 25 bases, and I think they'd still envision him as that type of player. So we'll see. They'll try to win him over.

I will say this. You get a lot of guys that come over to this club, and when they get immersed into that clubhouse and into the culture here, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg-- It may not rival St. Louis as far as a baseball town, but he will absolutely love the culture here in the clubhouse.