RECAP: Angels 4, Mariners 3 (7/27)

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Hear from Angels manager Mike Scioscia after the Angels defeated the Mariners 4 to 3. Kole Calhoun hit his first career walk-off home run to give the Angels the win in 10 innings

REPORTER 1: Kole Calhoun has been red hot since coming off the DL, picking up his first career walkoff home run. How good was that to see for Kole?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Kole's been back to the Kole that we know was in him. First half of the year, obviously, was a struggle, now he's back where it needs to be. It's a great time for him, and naturally, that's a big hit.

REPORTER 1: Seattle had some close opportunities there. What, defensively, did you see from your team in the 9th and 10th?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: We kept playing. They had first and second-- couple things. When they tied the game in the 8th, I thought Andrew Heany did a great job to hold it right there, and got Segura and then got Haniger, with a couple of guys in scoring position. That's a huge out. They got first and second and Robles strikes out Healy. And then Jose Alvarez comes in, does a great job, and a great play from Albert at first base. That's a game-saver right there.

On the defensive side in the 10th, Ian made a great read with Dee Gordon at third, and came up and got the ball to Josie and we nipped them at the plate. It's not an easy thing to defend at times, and those guys did a great job. So we played great D, got some clutch pitching from our pen coming in, in particular, Jose Alvarez did a great job, and a big hit from Kole.

REPORTER 1: You mentioned solid outing for Andrew Heany. What did you like about what he did tonight?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: It was a great outing for him to go eight innings. The couple of home runs, he just missed with some spots. Those guys have some right-handed hitters. They're going to let you know if you missed some spots. They're strong. Zunino went oppo and Cruz went oppo. And then the lead off to Zunino, he just didn't get the breaking ball under the swing to try to strike him out, and he hit it over Justin's head.

And then those guys executed well. They got them over, and they got him in with a bloop to tie it. But Andrew did a great job. I thought he had both sides working, threw some really good changeups, and early in the game, he set a tone. He was really pitching well through six.

REPORTER 1: Towards the end of the game, we saw Simmons grabbed his back as he was running off. What's the latest?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: We're going to check. Hopefully, it's nothing that's going to keep him out of the lineup tomorrow, but we'll see.