Ian Kinsler on what the Angels need to do to stay consistent

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Alex Curry sits down with Ian Kinsler to talk about what the Angels need to do to stay consistent for the rest of the season

- I don't know. We're still trying to figure it out. I feel like we're really close to being consistent and doing that every day.


- I don't know how you find it. I don't know if it's-- The pitchers-- Obviously, we faced some guys that were throwing the ball really good. With the White Sox, Rondon just threw the ball really well. Kind of got to them late, but, you know, he shut us down for six-- I don't think we had a hit for six innings. So, you know, some days you've just got to tip your hat to the other side and to the guy with the ball.

But at the same time we feel like we can do something like that every day and be a little bit more consistent than we have been. So we all know that. We're trying to figure it out.

- You've had some young guys come up and really make the most of their opportunity. Obviously, David Fletcher. But then, yesterday, seeing Arcia and what he was able to do. What kind of spark have they brought this team?

- You know, it's incredible anytime you have a young player around that's playing well. You see their confidence grow so quickly. You know, they get to the big leagues and they really don't know what to expect. They're wide-eyed. You know, they get put in a big situation and you can see the intensity kind of rise. It's fun to watch.

And with a guy like Fletch, where he's just learning every day and growing every day as far as his confidence and what he knows he can do, it's super fun to watch. And then, you know, I don't know if everyone saw, but Arcia yesterday-- That's just an incredible moment. You know, to be a part of something like that was super special.

I mean, we all know that he's been in the minor leagues for a really long time, kind of grinding through a lot of years in the minor leagues. A lot of at bats. And as a catcher that's hard work. You know, that's hard work every day, every year.

So to see him come through that big hit-- They were kind of on our heels too, you know? It was turning into a close game. And for him to get that big hit, it was special.