#XTRAPOINT: Clippers Spirit Tryouts

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Ever wonder how professional cheer squads are chosen? Taylor Felix goes behind the scenes to take a look at the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit auditions

CHOREOGRAPHER: Here we go. 5, 6, 5, 6, 7 and work.

TAYLOR FELIX: What's up guys? Taylor Felix for Fox Sports Extra Point. Tonight I'm in downtown for the LA Clippers Spirit auditions. And we're going behind the scenes to see what it takes to perform on that NBA stage.


You've been on the team before. You know what it takes. How do you feel coming into finals? Because you're still up against some of the best dancers in LA here tonight.

LIZZIE MASON: I'm feeling confident. But I still have to work for it, because like you said, there are so many in here that are willing to work for it just as hard. So you really still have to bring your A game. It doesn't matter if you're a vet or not. You still have to be 100% and go out there with everything that you have.

TAYLOR FELIX: Tia, you are auditioning for one of the most elite dance teams in the NBA. How does one go about prepping for that?

TIA TABILE: I have just been taking a lot of classes and really just trying to watch their videos and see what kind of style they have so I can try and match it the best that I can to make sure I'm kind of ready for their certain moves that they might have in a lot of their routines.

TAYLOR FELIX: This is such an elite dance team. How do you guys continue to raise the bar every year?

KYLIE MONTOYA: You know, each year, more and more new talent keeps coming in. And it's amazing to see what kind of talent this year has brought to us. So it's really exciting to see and we'll see how everything turns out in just a bit.

TAYLOR FELIX: Well after two days of auditions and more than 150 girls trying out, the decision has been made. A big congratulations to the 2018-2019 LA Clippers Spirit Squad. We can't wait to watch you this season. Now time for all of us to get some rest. See ya.