Recap: Angels 12, White Sox 8 (7/26)

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The Angels followed up their four home run showing Wednesday with another double digit effort Thursday that split the series with the White Sox and kept the manager happy

- That's a-- Frankie, that's a great game for him. You know, he battled behind the plate, just learning, you know. He caught some of our guys in the spring, but just making a quick study this morning with Steve Soliz and trying to bring gameplan in. I thought he and Nick worked really well. You know, a couple of home runs early, and then they made pitches up until the seventh inning that were right where he needed to be. So that was encouraging. And then for his first hit to be a home run, that's something special.

REPORTER: Mike, with Tropeano, obviously, he was pitching well. Besides those two mistakes on the solo home runs, and then obviously caught up with him with the three solo home runs. What did you think happened there?

- Well, you know, he missed with some spots. You know, Nick was-- you know from the home run that Palko hit in the second inning all the way through the sixth, he was lights out. He made some-- kept repeating pitches, making pitches, and looked like he had a lot left. And on a day when we needed someone to get at least that long, hopefully further into the game, he almost got there.

You know, our bullpen's been shredded, with just how many times we've had to use some guys. And you know, you saw what was available today. So for Nick to at least get an out in the seventh was big. And outside of the three home runs in the seventh, it was a good point of the game for him to get to.

REPORTER: What were your thoughts on what Francisco Arcia was able to do in his major league debut after 12 years in the minors, both behind the plate and at the plate with that three-run home run?

- He did great. He did great. I think, you know, he had to make quick study of everything. But he did very well with it. And worked very well with Nick. And you know, some big hits, first hit-- first major league hit being a home run is something special.

REPORTER: And then, the 26 home-- or 26 runs, excuse me, combined in the last two games to split the series. What sort of confidence you feel like you guys have up and down the lineup? And how do you carry that over into this weekend against Seattle?

- Well hopefully, we're getting some guys doing what they can do. Ian Kinsler's looking like the Ian Kinsler that played against us for all those years. He's-- he's comfortable now. He's swinging the bat very well for us. You know, Andrelton is back slashing with guys on base and getting RBIs.

You know, Mike is Mike. And Justin had a great day today. Albert's been hitting the ball hard, you know, three, four times a game. So he's-- he's getting to be where he needs to be.

So offensively, we're going to need it, for sure. And hopefully we'll be able to pitch and hold leads the way we need to.