Martin Maldonado may only be the first piece the Angels move, says Victor Rojas

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With the MLB trade deadline quickly approaching, Victor Rojas speculates catcher Martin Maldonado may only be the first Halo to be sent elsewhere

- I think you not only have to evaluate the season at hand. You can't take a look at your player, your roster, your organization in a vacuum. You've got to look not only 18, you got to look at 19, 20, and so on and so forth. And with Martin Maldonado being a free agent coming up at the end of the season, you certainly weren't going to give him a qualifying offer, so you had to kind of weigh that, versus what you would get in return.

And right now, the market for a starting catcher is pretty good. I think the New York Yankees may have had some interest. So the Astros struck, and they end up giving up an A ball pitcher, as Billy said has got it's chance to move. It doesn't surprise me that Martin Maldonado is moved. I wouldn't surprise me if other guys get moved.

I think when you start looking at this ball club, where they're at right now, and how many teams are ahead of them just for that second wildcard spot. I know the Houston Astros have gotten a little bit closer to the Seattle Mariners, as far as a division-- as well as the Oakland Athletics. But really, when you're looking at that second wildcard spot, you're talking about three teams you got to leapfrog.

And if you can better yourself organizationally, not only this year, but also going into 2019 and to the future, you have to take a look at all those options. And of course, bullpen arms are always a commodity. So it would surprise me maybe there are some nibbles on a Jim Johnson or Blake Parker. Maybe even Kinsler's name's been floated out there as a veteran guy at second base.

So I think this is something, if other teams are interested-- and you're seen a lot of movement. All of a sudden, today, the Milwaukee Brewers making a move and picking up Joakim Soria of the Chicago White Sox, a proven closer. You're probably going to get some more nibbles over the next couple days before that trade deadline coming up on Tuesday.