Martin Maldonado shocked but grateful after being traded to Astros

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Martin Maldonado has been a vital piece of the Angels lineup behind the plate for the past two seasons, but on Thursday the Halos decided to go a different direction and trade him to the Houston Astros for lefty Patrick Sandoval

JILL PAINTER LOPEZ: The mood in the clubhouse was very difficult for a little bit, a lot of embracing with Martin Maldonado. And I thought something that was really emblematic of the day was that he had a long embrace with Shohei Otani. Of course, such a young pitcher that Martin Maldonado has helped. And part of what he has done all season for the Angels was help such a young pitching staff with all of those injuries, especially Otani before his injury. Now Martin Maldonado is a free agent and won a Gold Glove award, like you said, last season. But it shouldn't have been unexpected, because he had been involved in so many trade rumors. But when I talked Martin this morning, he did say it was unexpected.

MARTIN MALDONADO: A little bit shocked, but at the same time, you know, like I said, I know that it's business. And you know, they try to do the best for the team. And I thought it was-- they thought it was the right stuff to do. And I really understand that. And like I said, I'm really happy for-- I'm really happy that they gave me the opportunity to show all the teams what I can do behind the plate. You know, I'm very thankful.

BILLY EPPLER: The calculus that we had to weigh was 60 more days of Martin Maldonado and whatever could possibly become after that, versus you know, the opportunity to add a-- what we think's a impactful arm, a left-handed prospect at 21 years old that's going to report our Inland Empire affiliate, touches 94 miles an hour and throws a solid average curveball and slider, and looks like a changeups a real weapon, and a local kid, got a chance to move quick, and see where it all ends.

MIKE SCIOSCIA: But Martin, you know, is a big part of our club and did a tremendous job with our pitchers. . And now, someone else is going to get the opportunity to come in and hopefully do the same with Francisco Arcia and Jose Briceno. So there's no doubt that, you know, Martin was a big part of what we're hoping to accomplish. Other guys are going to get an opportunity to fill that void.

JILL PAINTER LOPEZ: Now, as the Angels move forward for the rest of this season, and before Tuesday's trade deadline, Billy Eppler said it's hard to say if there will be any more moves, because it's hard to predict the behavior of other clubs. But Patrick, we've been asking ourselves for quite a while now if the Angels will be sellers. And I think certainly today, they were sellers. So that question was answered.

PATRICK: Indeed.