Recap: Angels 11, White Sox 3 (7/25)

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The Angels have been struggling at the plate since the Break, but turned things completely around with an 11 run performance that made manager Mike Scioscia very happy

- Scaggs was dealing. What impressed you about what he did out there tonight?

- I thought Tyler, you know, he battled. They've got some right handed hitters. If you miss some spots, they're going to let you know, and I thought that he did a good job of pitching around, you know, just minimizing some damage when he did get the two runs, and finished strong. It was hot out there, and you know, he finished six innings and got us to the point in the game we wanted, so you know, another good outing from Tyler.

- He got the run support and he had balance throughout the entire lineup. Now, what did you like about what you guys did at the play tonight?

- I think we pressured those guys every inning. Early in the game, we missed a couple of spots, a couple of opportunities. We hit some balls hard at guys. But later on, we just kept every inning. It seemed like every group that went up there was pressuring their club, and good to see the ball go out of the ballpark when it did, and good to see some base running and some situational hitting. So we had a lot of things that we did the way we needed to on the field. And [INAUDIBLE]'s going to-- [INAUDIBLE] materialize this many runs. But it was fun to watch.

- It's the first time he had Trout, Pujols and Ohtani all homer in the same game this season. What's it do for this team when you have all the big guys stepping up like that?

- You know. I think we're more than home runs. But we do need to drive the ball, so it was good to see it tonight. We set the table for those guys the way we needed to. But when it goes out of the park, obviously, it is part of our offense, and it was good to have it. But we did a lot of good things today.