Recap: White Sox 4, Angels 2 (7/24)

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Trying to use a 10-game homestand to rejuvenate the club in the second half, the Angels continue to struggle as they drop their second-straight to the White Sox Tuesday. Manager Mike Scioscia took a brutally honest look at his ball club afterward

REPORTER: Mike, the offense started to see some light late in this game. It looked like you guys had a chance to come back. Take us through what you saw from your offense late in this game.

- Well, first inning we had a shot, and Justin Upton hit a bullet right to the shortstop. And then in between, we didn't have much going on. I think it was the sixth when Simba got the base hit and then got caught on the back-- on the cut and throw behind him, which was a tough situation because obviously we got Mike coming up with first and third there if they don't get that out.

And the eighth inning, we had some really good at-bats to get back into it and give ourselves a shot, but we just couldn't get that one hit. We just didn't pressure those guys enough. Put a lot of pressure on our pitching staff. They're pitching with their backs against the wall.

And I thought Felix Peña did a great job. I know he missed with a couple of spots and obviously they got a couple runs in the seventh and the eighth. But we just need to play better.

REPORTER: What did--

- We need to play better.

REPORTER: I'm sorry about that. What did Felix Peña do well tonight?

- Outside I think the walks that were in the third inning, for the most part he had the ball on the fringes. It was down. Had good movement. Used his breaking ball and changeup well and got through six innings.

REPORTER: It was a scary moment there when Simba got hit by the pitch on his hand. How is his hand doing? What did he tell you-- how it felt?

- He's OK. We'll see how it sets up tomorrow, but it looks like it's OK.