Mike Trout named Angels 2018 Heart and Hustle Award recipient

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Hear from the Angels broadcast team and Mike Scioscia on Mike Trout's nomination for the Heart and Hustle Award

- Mike Trout, the heart and hustle award nominees, winners for each respective team. Mike Trout is the Angels winner for this award, which embodies the values, spirits, and traditions of baseball. He's won this award before. It originated in 2005. Jose, in fact, a lot of Angels have taken home this award.

- I'll tell you what. This means a whole lot to Mike Trout. And talking to him for a couple of years. It's because this is now going generations back. These are the alumni voting for this. And we have the respect and admiration of players that play the game. It just tells you that you're being applauded for doing one thing. Representing baseball well and maximizing your talents with on the field what you do also off the field.

- Yeah well we're going to show you a list of these fantastic winners. Mike Trout in 2012. David Eckstein won the award. He took what he learned, I suppose, Mark, as being an Angel and went ahead and won that one with the Cardinals.

- Yeah that's the thing. When you think about it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to hustle and be one of those guys that's full of energy and putting forth the type of performance every single time. You would love to see that at one of the, if not the best player in all of baseball. Maybe in the history of the game in Mike Trout. You love to see the hustle. You love to see that going first to third. You love the stolen bases, everything that comes about about Mike Trout. We know he can crush the baseball. But the way he plays the game, the smile on his face, that Ken Griffey Jr like enthusiasm. And that's why Mike Trout is so special.

- I was just going to say. Uncommon passion for the game. And there's no greater tip of hat than to get the respect of your peers. Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.

- Yup. Here is a manager of the Angels, Mike Scioscia on Mike Trout's nomination.

- On a team of gamers, all these guys, they love to go out there and play hard. He leads the charge and his uniform is usually dirty after every game, much like Cole and Andrelton and you know, guys that are out there. Kins, out there every day. But there's not a better nominee you could have than Mike Trout.