Tyler Skaggs credits confidence for recent success, gives advice to Garrett Richards

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Tyler Skaggs made his first start since a DL stint Thursday, but picked up right where he left off, allowing just one run over six.

- You have been lights out this season. What has led to your success on the mound?

- I just think just confidence. You know, I came into spring training knowing that I had a job, knowing that I finished the season healthy last year, and you know, I've just been confident on the mound. I feel like I've been throwing the ball well, so just kind of building off of every outing.

- We saw a lot of big things tonight-- David Fletcher getting his first career home run, Albert Pujols climbing the all-time time home run list. What's that do for you when you see that happen on the mound?

- I mean, it's huge. I can relax out there, you know-- get-- getting a three-- three runs in the first inning after I just gave up one, you know, it's refreshing, it's nice. Makes it a lot easier to pitch.

- You know, with all the injuries this pitching staff has faced, how important is it for you to be that kind of leader in consistency?

- I mean, it's huge. I mean, you see the injuries we've had as this-- I mean, it's been catastrophic, honestly. I mean, I haven't seen this many injuries in a long time. Knock on wood, you know-- me and Heaney. Especially, you know, Barria's been throwing the ball really well, Peña's been throwing well, and we get Tropeano back soon. So I think if we all just kind of keep doing what we're doing, taking it day by day, I think we're going to be OK.

- Now, you've been with Garrett Richards from the beginning. He announced today that he was going to get Tommy John surgery. You've been there before. Is there anything you kind of said to him?

- Well, I mean, we got drafted together, so me and Garrett go very far back, and it's tough. It's definitely frustrating. I'm-- I'm not-- I'm mad for him, because I know he's mad, but at the same time, I think it's a weight off his shoulders, knowing that, you know, he's been going through elbow troubles for the past two or three years. And from personal experience, I know how that feels when you're kind of injured or you're trying to fight through things, and you go out there, you're not going out with your best stuff because you're not feeling 100%. So for him, I think it's going to be-- he's going to be a force to be reckoned with when he comes back. I think he's going to be fully healthy and you're going to see a lot of-- lot of good things.

- As you know, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

- There is.

- Well, congratulations on picking up the win.

- Appreciate it, thank you.