Half baseball player, half dancer? Angels players give their takes on Shohei Ohtani’s bobblehead

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With Shohei Ohtani getting his own figurine Thursday, his teammates illustrate what their bobbleheads would look like

- What do you think about this double bobblehead?

- Oh, that's good, huh?

- Yeah?

- Patient hitter. That's good. That's good. I like it.

- It's pretty cool, actually. I like it. Shows both sides, you know, pitching and hitting. I like it.

- I like it. You know, obviously, there's very few players that you can do it with and pull it off. And I think that they did a good job making it look like him.

- So if you could have your own bobblehead-- one's a baseball player. What would the other one be? It could be anything you want. Your favorite thong to do.

- Probably be me hunting somewhere. Either duck hunting, or deer hunting, or something like that. You know, me and, like, some camo over here, and then me pitching. So that'd probably be me.

- I think it would be a gamer. You know, probably me, like, sitting there at a computer, like, playing, you know, with my mouse or my keyboard with a-- with a crazy look on my face, real-- real intent of the screen and gaming away.

- Dancing.

- Yeah.

- Yes, I like that.

- Oh! It would do that. It would be like a middle bobble.


- Like, chicka, chicka, chicka.