Billy Eppler provides insight on Garrett Richards’ UCL injury

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Garrett Richards was forced to exit Tuesday's game early with forearm pain that an MRI later showed was damage in his UCL. Angels GM Billy Eppler spoke with the media about what that may mean for the Halos ace moving forward

- I know Garrett. I know Garrett's outlook. And, you know, I know the drive within him. So, he'll get through it, whatever he ultimately decides.

So, in some of the instances we've had players that have come into this organization-- from other organizations-- that have had preexisting UCL conditions. Generally, when you have some preexisting conditions, those can resurface.

And in other scenarios, we've had young players that have had tremendous velocity spike. And when players encounter a velocity spike like that, it creates you know, additional valgus load, which is the load put on your elbow. While throwing, it spikes that valgus load.

And, you know, while velocity is a good thing and, you know, is the number one predictor of success, it's also a predictor of-- er, it's also contributor to injury. So, darned if you do, darned if you don't.