Recap: Angels 9, Mariners 3 (7/10)

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Despite losing Garrett Richards in the third inning, Angels manager Mike Scioscia was happy with his team's performance and how they responded to adversity

REPORTER: You got production from top to bottom tonight. How important is that balance going to be if you guys are going to continue to gain some ground in the division?

- Well, we need to pressure teams in the offensive side for sure, take a little pressure off of our starting pitchers. And even though we got behind today, we were able to do that. I think Cole and Simba set the tone for sure.

And the guys in the middle of the water had plenty of opportunities. And the whole lineup was really effective and efficient. Guys in scoring position-- we did a good job-- drove the ball well. Ran the bases aggressively. So that's a good offensive night for us, and we need more of that.

REPORTER: Unfortunately, Garrett Richards came out of the game with a right forearm irritation. When you saw him and you talked to him, how severe was the pain?

- Well, it was enough where he couldn't go. And you could just see that his-- the ball just wasn't coming out, especially when we went out to check him of his hand the way we know we can't. So obviously we'll just let the medical staff give us direction. And he'll have a study done tomorrow, and we'll see what's going on.

REPORTER: Bullpen really stepped up after that. What'd you see from them tonight?

- We've had our share of bullpen games that maybe aren't by design. But we've had a lot of times where these guys have come in the second, third, fourth inning, whatever it might be, and have kept us in the game. All those guys came in and did a great job.

And I think Taylor Cole at the end gave us two innings to give some other guys a night off helps a lot. So they all did a great job. They came in and made pitches. Good to see Noe back on the beam. And the bullpen did a good job tonight.