Make the case: Andrelton Simmons should make his first All-Star Game

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With All-Star voting winding down Wednesday, Andrelton Simmons is in the homestretch of his campaign to make the midsummer classic and the guys think he's more than deserving.

- In a league you got Machada, Lindor, Carrea, just to name a few. So many great shortstops. But you got a guy like Simba-- he's off to his best offensive year. Of course he's got the Gold Gloves. How does he break through to the mid-summer classic?

- I think the only way, really, to do it is for fans to start voting for him. I guess you got 'till tomorrow for the final vote. The thing that stands out for me is the fact that he's fifth right now in that final vote with Jean Segura leading the way in the American League, which is a little surprising. I think, probably, you can attest to this little bit. Perhaps the couple of weeks-- the three weeks [INAUDIBLE] Andrelton missed being on the disabled list. Maybe that hurt him a little bit, but overall, his numbers certainly deserving of being an all-star.

- Well, when you think about it, he is the best defensive shortstop in all of baseball. Certainly in the American league. And when you look at his offensive numbers, he racks up there with all the best hitting shortstops in the league. So he did miss some time. I think that hurt him a little bit. But when you're on a team with [INAUDIBLE] Mike Trot, sometimes you almost forget about Andrelton Simmons.

But he's hit second, he's hit third, he's hit fourth, he's hit fifth, sixth in the lineup. But he's been very productive. On base percentage is up and above Segura at this particular moment. He walks more. He does so many things so special. Runs the bases exceptionally well. His instincts are off the chart for me. So he is an all-star and should be an all-star. The best players in baseball deserve to be in DC, and Simmons deserves to be there.

- Now, while that final vote may not go his way, there's still a chance that he gets to DC perhaps because of an injury or thereabouts. But certainly having a fantastic season nonetheless.