Injury Update: Tyler Skaggs on his recent injury and when he is set to return

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In a pre-game interview, Tyler Skaggs answers questions about his recent injury

- Tyler Skaggs is gonna-- is on the DL retroactive to the first-- might just miss one starts. Got kind of a left abdicator strain. Here's what Tyler had to say yesterday about the injury.

- You know where adductor is. It's right next to the hamstring, groin area, so it's technically-- it still could be hamstring. I mean, we haven't done an MRI which is not going to show anything definitive anyways, I don't think.

INTERVIEWER: So you think you could just miss one start next week?

- I mean, that's the plan, so-- we'll figure it out, though.

- That's the plan, Stan. Well I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, apparently. Adductor. That's a tough word for me to say. Can I just go with groin strain? And Jose, you picked it up in Baltimore last start when he was there at first base trying to reach for the base-- ended up being an error. He did say-- we didn't have it on camera-- that he said that's where he re-aggravated the injury.

- I saw the gesture. I saw the grimace on his face. And I also-- when you have a pitcher, you have to the bustle out like that out the first base-- change angle-- he didn't know where the bag was. And then there's weight shifting and protecting one error, you're gonna go out there and hurt the other one. And that's exactly what happened. So here he's looking for the bag. Then he's gotta come back and got there immediately! And that landing leg is where he's gonna feel something. And anytime you use a muscle that you try to balance your body out-- and you're a heavy guy-- some things are gonna go wrong, and they did.

- Well, anytime, though, when you're trying to find that base as a pitcher, you're covering a bag. Whatever angle you take-- really go down the line or straight towards the base-- and you miss the base, and you jab back at it, that's what happens to you at times. Especially when you think about it, you gotta put it into play. It was extremely hot, humid, so you always were susceptible to cramping anyhow. And he already had the groin issue a little bit and the hamstring issue going already. But even talking to him over the last few days, he firmly believes he'll be ready to go when that 10 days is up.