#XTRAPOINT: World Cup Update (No. 2)

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Updates from Russia.

- Things are picking up steam over in Russia at the World Cup. Rachel, you're not allowed to come home yet. What's going on over there today?

- Hey, guys. Rachel here. I am still in Moscow. The World Cup is still happening. I am still alive and very excited about everything, because we just had the craziest day of the World Cup. It is the knockout round. We have made it. There are 16 teams left, but after tonight, two have gone home. And they just so happen to be Argentina with Lionel Messi and Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi and CR7 are on their way home from Russia, from the World Cup. They are no longer playing. And my brain is having a very hard time wrapping itself around that. Uruguay and France are moving on. We've got so many great players that we're still going to continue to watch. I love the World Cup. This is so crazy. Round of 16 is coming. It's in your face. It is unapologetic. And I can't wait to see what happens. OK, bye.

- Keep the videos coming, Rachel! It looks like you're having a blast over there in Russia. And fans, for more World Cup coverage, stay tuned to Fox and Fox Sports 1.