What needs to change to make baseball more exciting?

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Rules continue to be implemented year-after-year to help improve baseball, so the guys dove into the conversation with how they believe the game can be improved

- What is the one thing, Victor, that you would like to see change with baseball? We're seeing record times in games. We're seeing so many different pitchers that are coming in and out. We're seeing more strikeouts than hits. The state of the game-- what would you change?

- Is it just one thing because I think you'd need to fix more than one thing get major league baseball back on track? I think the one thing that stands out for me really is, I think you've got to lower ticket prices. I think you've got to make it more affordable for young kids, young families, and those that can't afford to come do a sporting event, especially on a season ticket basis type of stamp standpoint, to come out to the ballgame. I think you kind of continue to grow the fan base, especially the younger demographic. And I think that's one way of doing it. As far as banning a shifts, I'm not a big believer of that. Instead of doing that, why don't you teach hitters to go against the shift and kind of make the adjustment the other way.

- How about you, Jose, what's the one thing that you would like to change?

- You've got to change the zone. I mean, you've got to go out there and make the zone a little bit bigger and bring it down. I would love to be saying, during broadcast, Victor, that was a great pitchers pitch and he beat him downstairs.

Manny Machado, last night, I talked to Pena, I talked to Machado. So the umpire, Adam Hamari, is calling this outside and low pitch, right. He calls it low, also down the middle. So Manny's not happy first couple of pitches. What does he do? He adjusts where? Down. What hitters are not liking is that high breaking ball strike three. Mike Trout does not like it. Nobody likes it. They go out and look and say, well, how am I going to get ready to see that unless I'm guessing that and I'm going to get my hands out there. Go out there and lower. Every hitter loves the low pitch at some point. So go out there. It's not about speeding the game up at all. It's about going out there and making guys more aware of downstairs away and yes, becoming more proficient in spraying the baseball.

- I would like to see the game speeded up. So I was wrestling with what to choose here with maybe a pitch clock. We're seeing that work in the minor leagues. Maybe limiting the amount of pitching changes that you can have, because that is increasing. But I'm going to go with the shift. Because that we're seeing from maybe in 2011, less than 3,000 shifts, and now we're on pace for like almost 30,000 shifts. So but to your point Victor, how do we teach these hitters to go the other way because we're not seeing it in baseball?

- Well, I mean, how do you teach pitchers to actually pitch? I mean, all you're seeing nowadays is a bunch of throwers that can throw very hard in the big leagues. Nobody really knows how to pitch. On a hand-- you can count on your hand the number of guys that are number one, power pitchers, and two, know how to pitch. The Max Scherzers, the Justin Verlanders, Gerrit Coles, after that, they're just a bunch of hard throwers right now. And I think it really starts at the minor league level. It starts at the really as a youth player, high school, and then the collegiate level, then obviously, in the minor leagues. But you really have to make those changes.

And you talk about the shift, everyone continues to talk about the shift. Everything right now offensively is about lifting and separating, trying to lift the baseball out. It's not about beating the shift. And you're getting either home runs or strikeouts. The strikeouts are racking up. It's not a bunch of people hitting into a shift as we saw early on.

- Right. Well, are you OK with the pace of play and the length of games?

- I think it'll eventually pick up. I think you're starting to see teams start to play a little bit quicker games. I think it all goes back to throwing strikes. There's way too many pitches thrown per inning, per at bat. And I think if you get back to actually pitching, that'll certainly come back a little bit.

- Well, I like seeing guys put the ball in play.