‘It’s complete turmoil’: Orioles announcer Gary Thorne gives brutally realistic insight on team ahead of Angels series

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Longtime play-by-play announcer Gary Thorne sat down with Victor Rojas before the Angels-Orioles series and gave a harsh realistic look at the Birds ball club

VICTOR ROJAS: It's the longtime voice of the Baltimore Orioles, Gary Thorne, our guest here on the pre-game show. I'm talking a little bit about this Baltimore Orioles team. I know the Angels have struggled of late. They come in to play tonight, a six-game losing streak, and you're not feeling too sorry for us, are you?

GARY THORNE: No, we hope you lose nine in a row, actually, and then you can go away and do whatever you got to do. O's have lost five in a row coming into this, and everybody's noticed. They're battling for the worst record in baseball, day in, day out with usually Texas there and Kansas City. It's been a real struggle. It's hard to believe that as many players could sink to such levels offensively compared to what their career numbers are as has happened to the Orioles. Except for Manny Machado and Adam Jones, virtually everybody has immensely struggled for the long term already through the first half of the season.

VICTOR ROJAS: We're a couple of weeks away from the All-star break. After that it's the trade deadline. Do you really believe that Manny Machado will get moved at some point?

GARY THORNE: Honest to God, this is an honest answer. I have no idea, and I don't think this organization knows, which is one of the problems. There's such disorganization here right now from the top down, that there are no answers to anything. It seems as though Manny has to go because this organization has never been known to pay that kind of money for anybody. They made the big deal with Chris Davis, which has now come to bite them in the back, for the moment. I mean, Chris is trying, but right now it ain't working, and there's four more years left on it. And you've got to believe an organization going through that is going to look at saying, we're going to pay Manny $30-40 million a year after what we just did with Chris Davis and what happened?

So I don't know that they'd do that but nobody knows. So you're dealing with a ball club where everybody's looking over their shoulder, nobody's safe on the roster, I don't think, there's absolutely only rumors out there about deals and discussions. So it's complete turmoil.

VICTOR ROJAS: It's not just Manny Machado because you've got Adam Jones, a free agent to be. Zach Britton, I know he just came off the disabled list. So there's any number of players that I'm sure a lot of teams would like to have on their roster.

GARY THORNE: And the worst part of that for the Orioles is, it's become harder. Zach has got to prove himself again, and it hasn't gone well the last couple of periods. Brad Brock, a set up guy, is struggling. They thought they'd get a lot for him. Adam Jones is a veteran, not having his best year, but still he's a value to somebody. But do you want to trade the face of the organization. Manny is now, but Adam has had that role for a long time. And then there's Manny. So you've got four big free agents out there, only one of whom, Manny, has really produced. And everybody else, people are just kind of going back and forth on what do you do with Britton and Brock and Oday, who's now injured. They hoped to get something for him. Now he's on the DL, so right now he's worth nothing.

I don't envy the front office or ownership because the decisions that have to be made are going to be tough, and they're being made tougher by the way the season is going.

VICTOR ROJAS: And those are on field free agents. You also have Buck Showalter and Jim Duquette, the manager and general manager, also under contract through this year. What happens with those two guys?

GARY THORNE: You're going to get the same answer I gave you on the players. I have absolutely no idea. And again, I say neither do they. And again, I say neither does the organization. I honestly believe the organization has not made a decision on what to do with Buck. I can't imagine that Duquette comes back. I love him, and I think he's done a great job. But the organization is never going to forgive him for wanting to take the Toronto job last year. He's not going to get by that. So I think he's gone, and I think the process of interviewing for the GM is already under way. I know it is. So there's another tough one.

I mean, he's going to try and do everything he can for the organization while he's here, but at the same time, he's looking over his shoulder too, like, where am I going to go when this is over? And Buck's down there going, where am I? I got a guy I got to talk to everyday who's probably not going to be here. I don't know if I'm going to be here. And so it's just kind of a day to day, let's see what happens.

VICTOR ROJAS: And before we let you go, on Buck, on the subject of Buck, I had a chance to work with him in Texas. And, obviously, he's a guy who's been around a long time. He's picked up a lot of Major League wins for a guy that kind of struggled to get to the big leagues. But overall, is he a guy that wants to manage? Do you think he's going to continue to manage? Or is he a front office guy moving forward?

GARY THORNE: I wish I could give you one good answer, and I can't. I don't think he knows. There's been discussion about him moving up here to the GM position. Unless there's more structure in the organization, I don't think he would do that even if they asked. And we don't see that structure right now from top down. He still loves being on the field. He loves to manage. He also continues to talk about what he did with Arizona, putting a team, an organization back together again. I think he'd like to do that again. But it all comes down to the circumstances and the situation. And right now he has no idea what that looks like.

VICTOR ROJAS: Gary, we appreciate it as always, buddy.

GARY THORNE: Always great to give you solid answers. That's what I came here for and I did absolutely none of it.

VICTOR ROJAS: Evasive as always.