Mike Trout returns to the outfield after a prolonged DH stint

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Mike Trout has been dominating at the plate in June, but his presence in center field has been greatly missed by the Angels. Luckily for the Halos, he will return to support the defense Friday

HOST 1: Mike Trout has been one of the best hitters in history in the month of June, but the last nine games, Mark, all with the DH, using the DH. Only six singles, no extra bas hits but he is back in center field here tonight. I guess that finger's feeling just fine.

HOST 2: Yeah, that's the thing. He's so much more comfortable. A .311 career hitter when he's an outfielder. Just .222 when he's hitting in that DH role throughout his entire career. So he's young, he's energized. He can say runs with his defensive skills. When you look at his defense zone so far this season, he's at the top as far as that category in center field in the American League. His routes have been much better. He's been able to move the ball much better. His shoulder has gotten stronger. Three outfield assists, Jose. I'll tell you what, we saw it in Spring Training. We talked about it even down in Tempe. His routes were so much better going back and getting that baseball.

HOST 3: And being on the field takes your mind away from every at bat. Your in-game routines change when you're DHing. All you're thinking about analyzing, over-analyzing at bats, looking in the batter's box. Where was that pitch? And also on top of that, give credits to the guys on the mound. They are exploiting a zone that consistently, a lot of staffs, have not been able to do, up in the zone with the fastball.