Mr. Do It All Mike Trout ranks among baseball’s best through 1,000 games

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Between home runs, RBI and runs, Mike Trout is comparable to some of the best players filling the halls of Cooperstown through 1,000 games

NARRATOR: On June 21, Angels outfielder, Mike Trout, played in his 1,000 career game. And since making his debut, July 8, 2011, the Halo slugger has posted mind boggling numbers, a really. 308 average, 216 doubles, 43 triples, 224 home runs, 617 RBI, 178 stolen bases, and 752 runs scored.

His 224 career home runs are tied with Joe DiMaggio for 17th most all time by an American Leaguer in their first 1,000 career games. And for even better context, all time MLB home run leader, Barry Bonds, had 172 career home runs after his 1,000 career game.

His 752 career runs are the 20th most in Major League history by a player in their first 1,000 career games. That means Trout scored more runs than Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Frank Robinson. And he scored only 43 runs less than the all time career leader, Ricky Henderson, in his first 1,000 games.

The Millville, New Jersey native has collected 2,100 total bases, ranking 17th all time by an American Leaguer in their first 1,000 career games, ahead of Ken Griffey Jr. And Mickey Mantle, and 121 behind the MLB all time total base leader, Hank Aaron. Trout's 60.8 career WAR ranks 10th among active players, one spot ahead of Ichiro Suzuki, who has played in 1,652 more MLB games. He has a higher career WAR than 69 hall of fame position players. And only two players have a higher WAR through their age 26 season than Trout, Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle.

Patience is a virtue for Trout, who has drawn 635 walks, good for 17th by an American Leaguer through their first 1,000 career games. And that has contributed to him also being the 11th player to reach base 1,800 times and gather 2,000 total bases in their first 1,000 games, joining Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Albert Pujols, among other players.

Perhaps the only thing more stunning than Mike Trout's numbers through 1,000 games is the company but the 26-year-old is already keeping.