Mike Scioscia discusses Tyler Skaggs, state of the Angels

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Mike Scioscia catches up with Patrick Oneal to discuss the current state of the Angels and their injury struggles ahead of the make-up game in Kansas City

- They're ready. This game is magical in that sense. When you come out here to warm up, and all of a sudden, you see the other pitchers warming up and the umpires getting the field. You're locked in. This game will lock you in.

So our guys will be ready. You know, it's nothing that we haven't had to do before. You always have schedules that sometimes get disjointed. But we'll be ready to play this afternoon.

- Especially wearing number 42 on your jersey?

- Yeah, I think the guys will look forward to that. They were kind of bummed when-- you know, we were here last time it was like 18 degrees with the wind chill factor. And we didn't get to do it. So we're very proud to be able to wear those this afternoon.

- Mike, despite the revolving door to the DL. Still over 500. Certainly in this race with a lot of baseball left to be played, but managing with all these injuries, I just wonder-- challenges? And also the state of the team in your opinion?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Guys are playing hard. Guys are confident. Guys are upbeat. We know that in some areas we need to do some things a little better. But there's a lot of positives going on. I think that's what we'll draw from.

You know there are definitely things we're going to have to-- need to do better to reach our goal. But we're confident that we're going to be able to turn some things around and do them better.

So in that regard, I think the guys are upbeat. The guys that are playing every day are playing hard. And hopefully we'll continue to improve as we get into the middle of the season.

- Had success this year against KC, and you've got Skaggs back. Missed his last start. Avoided the DL, so that's good news. But we're looking at a guy that should be on the all-star team. I know there's still some games to go, but the way he's pitched, particularly here in June?

- He's throwing the ball very well. And you know, the all-star selection is always dicey. I think there are some guys in our club that are definitely having all-star caliber years that might not be picked. But there's no doubt Tyler's throwing the ball well. And hopefully he'll keep it up.

- Just a follow on Skaggs. And is it-- what has been the biggest difference for him? Is it upstairs for him? Because he's always had great stuff, since he's had to come off that injury. That is always a big challenge for any player.

- He's used his experience, I think, to understand what he needs to do a little deeper. It comes down to executing pitches. And I think that he's very comfortable right now where his delivery is.

He's been able to change speeds the best he has to this point of his career. And that's very important to what his success has been. And hopefully he'll continue to with us, because, you know, he's just getting started.