Mike Trout leads the way for Angels in All-Star voting

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With the All-Star Game just a month away, Mike Trout and the rest of the Angels need you to vote!

ANNOUNCER 1: How about this week, during a seven game span, are you kidding me? 15 for 22, .682 average. Four home runs, seven RBIs, eight runs, nine walks, six multi-hit games, that OPS it's just blowing. The on base percentage second in club history. Shout out to Earl back in 1962.

And I mean, just this month alone, he's hitting .439, leads the league in home runs, runs, on base percentage, OPS, OPS plus and total bases. So you have to vote Mike Trout for the All-Star Game. 1.3 million votes, yet Jose Altuve is leading the American League. I'm not surprised, but he's--

ANNOUNCER 2: No, not at all.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's the most recent All-Star balloting. Just a quick thought on some of these great players we're seeing here.

ANNOUNCER 2: JD Martinez well-deserved, Jose Abreu at first base. Nobody's really outstanding there, but look at Mookie Betts. Yes, Manny Machado's hurting Correa, right?

Oh, he's going to hurt Lindor. Poser, Ramirez the 5-9, 200 pounder hitting home runs, over 20 already this season. Wilson Ramos quite a surprise. I expect maybe to see a surge from somebody in Missouri, and his name is Salvador Perez behind home plate.

- That would be a great call, but Machado is not only hurting Correa and Segura, and he's also hurting one Andrelton Simmons, who is not even in the top five, if you can believe that, for shortstops in the American League.