Jose Mota gives his take on Bartolo Colon becoming winningest Dominican pitcher

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Jose Mota provided everything from analysis to inside info on how the Big Sexy got his other nickname while congratulating Bartolo Colon for becoming the winningest Dominican pitcher in MLB history

ANNOUNCER 1: The Big Sexy. You have no idea, who could it possibly be?

ANNOUNCER 2: There's only one.

ANNOUNCER 1: There it is.

JOSE MOTA: There's Bartolo Colon. What a milestone for him, passing Juan Marichal, most wins by a Dominican pitcher, more than Pedro, yes. More than Marichal, both Hall of Famers. Bartolo perhaps not a Hall of Famer, but longevity.

One more also to catch El Presidente, Dennis Martinez. Now he has done it in such a plethora of colors. We have to take a look, just going flashback. Angels Cy Young award winner, 2005. One of two Cy Youngs with the Angels. Fastball up in the zone. That's where he learned to throw that two-seamer. Then it was gas to 95 to 100 miler per hour.

Bartolo Colon, going back to his Indians days, he will go triple digits. Minor Leagues, big leagues with the Yankees, another opportunity. The A's give him a chance to pitch, and now the Texas Rangers. And of course, he is always our beloved Poncho.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now why is the nicknamed Poncho? I see the donkey there, what is the story behind that?

JOSE MOTA: Bartolo growing up was a coffee farmer in the Dominican, used to ride his little donkey all across the streets and in the back fields over there in the Dominican. So what happened one offseason? Poncho gets hit by a truck, and Poncho dies. Bartolo says to this day, he still cries for a Poncho.

- Yes. Well how can I move on from that? That's such a sad story. But I guess did he name himself Big Sexy, or please tell me somebody else came up with that?

- It was in New York, come on.

- There you go.

- It was in New York.