John Lamb has had a difficult journey on his way to joining his hometown Angels

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John Lamb had a rough stint as a pitcher for the Reds back in 2015-16, but things got worse as he underwent Tommy John and multiple back surgeries. However, through perseverance, he's made his way back to the Angels

- Injuries that we've seen so far this season have brought forth some great stories of perseverance. We saw Jose Miguel Fernandez and his long road to the big leagues. This afternoon is about John Lamb getting back to the big leagues. His first big league appearance, Jose, since 2016.

- He's got the flow, man. That was the talk in spring training, get the golden locks, and there he is. Wonderful story. Getting a chance and yes, he's earned it. On his way back from Venezuela this January Billy Eppler gives him a call. He had an ERA over five down there. He goes, more than happy to get the chance to get this uniform on, overcoming some obstacles. And he is my spotlight for that reason.

27 years old. He's a local kids, which of course, we absolutely love. Two seasons with Cincinnati. All not that well in terms of the recorded, but now getting another chance here. This season in Triple A he was limited in terms of the pitches. Never went more than five innings or more than 82 pitches.

But he's overcome Tommy John surgery, a couple of back surgeries, the drug suspension. And here he is once again in a big league roster. And we know how much he impressed us in spring training, because he's not going to overwhelm you with fastballs, he's got a cut fastball. It really means a lot when you see this.

It only takes one team for me to continue doing what I'm doing what I love doing, it just so happens to be a team I would refer to as my hometown team. Any he says, thank you once again, Angels organization, for giving me this opportunity to get the uniform on.

- Got to love these stories. Laguna Hills High School, second stint with the halos, as you mentioned. Didn't get a phone call. Billy Eppler was the only call that was made to him. And you saw it in spring training. I mean, he takes a lot of pride taking the mound. But putting that Angels jersey on, wearing that A, being from Laguna Beach, California, Oakland Hills, California, I mean, what a great situation for him.

- And consider, he was a guy that got an early opportunity with the Royals originally drafted and understands more about his craft. Not pitching also with the worry about the back, because a couple of back surgeries. The worry about the elbow. But understanding where his stuff is. He might help out at who knows, 90, 91 today.

But comfortably, he will pitch in the 86 to 88 range, move the ball around. Change up, curve ball, little bit of a throwback, but he also knows the margin for error is very small. And I think the catcher today will play a huge role. Not what he calls or the sequence, but also, where he sits and what type of target he'll give John Lamb

- He was rated the 11th best prospect in all of baseball back in 2011. So this guy has the chops to pitcher in the major leagues.