Mike Scioscia talks about facing off against the Seattle Mariners

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Mike Scioscia talks about going up against the current American League West leaders, the Seattle Mariners. Scioscia metions what his team needs to do to win the series in Seattle.

- You know, it comes down to, it doesn't matter who you're playing or where you're playing, but how you're playing. And we've been playing very consistent some baseball for the last 10 games or so. And hopefully, we'll keep rolling it over. But you're going to face-- you're going to face good clubs every night of the schedule. And you know, we need know we need to play well to win.

REPORTER: The last time you left Seattle, this Mariners team has gone on its own run and jumped into first place. Looking from afar, why do you think they've been so successful?

- Well they've got a good team. They're doing very well in close games. But again, you know, I don't think we're going to dwell on so much what's happening in other clubhouses, other teams, what they're doing. We know the challenge of the season. And they're a good club and you have to play well to beat them.