RECAP: Angels 9, Royals 6 (6/4)

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Hear from Mike Scioscia after the Angels' win on Monday night in Anaheim.

REPORTER: Mike, a tough start for Nick Tropeano tonight. What was the struggle you saw from him?

- Nick just wasn't finishing some pitches. Had a little trouble getting some counts. Left some breaking balls that were over the heart of the plate. And threw some really good ones. I think it was just the consistency wasn't quite what we'd seen in Detroit and what we've seen. And he left some balls over the heart of the plate, and those guys hit them hard.

REPORTER: They got production from one through nine tonight. Jefry Marté, a four-hit game. What was the difference you saw him do, maybe some adjustments at the plate?

- Hopefully, Jefry's just getting comfortable in the box. I mean, this guy really-- he's got a great approach, especially his left-handed pitching. And we saw it a couple years ago. It hasn't quite surfaced. But you saw tonight. He had a great night. And hopefully, it's a sign of better things to come.

REPORTER: And it looks like Justin Upton's starting to find his swing and heat up again. How important is that for this team, especially Mike Trout in front of him?

- That's huge. Our lineup's built on being deep. I think when you get Andrelton to swing like he can, get Zack on-board, get some of the guys in the middle-- in the bottom that are starting to contribute, and then you flip it over to Ian and Mike up top, that's a good lineup. And we're going to need it.

REPORTER: Impressed to see Ohtani come in and get that pinch hit?

- Yeah. Shohei-- I think that the only guy that had a chance to get the ball was Escobar. And might have got him at first. But once it got by Escobar, there was no chance. You knew that was a hit. And got the rally started. So a good time for it right there.