Angels take Jordyn Adams from Green Hope HS in first round of MLB Draft

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Halos take Jordyn Adams from Green Hope HS in first round of MLB Draft.

- The Angels with the 17th overall selection select an athlete. I'm talking about elite level stuff right here. Jordyn Adams. He's an outfielder from Green Hope High School, North Carolina. He hit .474. 57 stolen bases, OK, in the last two years there with Green Hope.

31 this past year when he hit .471, school record. But Jose, he has an offer to play at the University of North Carolina. He is an elite wide receiver that is a game breaker. That's a spread offense. What is he going to do? You would think the Angels would do their homework here. We're talking a lot of money. That slot's about $3.7 million. Maybe it's going to be even more if they have this conversation. You do not want to lose this pick.

You go out there and convince him how important it is for the organization, number one. And also keep in mind there's pressure from dad. Dad is on the Tar Heels coaching staff, of course, and he'd like his son to get an education. But yes, you mention homework. This has been done for many, many, months ahead to say how does he fit? And it's a path-- the safest path to his professional career in sports, it is baseball.

He grades 80 as a runner, that's unheard of in a draft. And also they saw him in March, and the scouts I talked to in and out of the Angels organization said this kid, for what he showed in March, is not what we're expecting as a player with baseball and with the bat. But really, that's where he got his draft pick up, because he's a guy that showed that really he's able to adjust quickly as an athlete.

Let mark, let's just assume that he will sign with the Angels, OK? What do you like about what the Halos are doing, right? With Swanson and with Eppler. We're getting a lot of athletes into this depth-- this depth of this team.

Yeah, remember Patrick, we were talking about who should they draft? Should they draft the pitcher? You think maybe with, you need some depth in the starting rotation in your minor league system. I just say, get the best athlete available.

They got the best athlete available in the draft. What it allows you to do, because of his athleticism, he can play a corner outfield position. He can move to an infield position, when you're that good of an athlete. You could play second base. That's the thing, it gives him options like that.

As long as you can run the way he's running, putting the ball in play. I saw some video of him. He puts the ball in play. I know we talk a lot about launch angles and home runs. I've always believed, when you dress somebody who can hit the ball, put it in play, you put so much pressure on a defense. And you're that much better.

- Well, he says he has sneaky power. So we'll look forward to seeing that. And congrats to Jordyn Adams. And let's hope it works out, you become an angel.