Ian Kinsler on Angels success returning home: ‘we got to win them all’

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The Angels returned home from a 10-game road trip and started off the series at home with a much needed win over the Rangers, fueled by a two-run home run from Ian Kinsler

- And an interesting way to end the game. But most importantly, you guys are starting off the month of June on the right step. How important was it for you guys coming off that road trip to come out and set the tone here on this home stand?

- I mean, off the road trip, home stand, whatever, we got to win them all. We won tonight. Barria threw a heck of a game and gave us a really good chance to win. Put up some runs early. It was a good game all around.

- Now we saw a lot of great swings early here tonight. Knowing that Bartolo Colon attacks the zone with a lot of fast balls, what was the approach against him tonight?

- I mean, the guy's been around forever. We all know that. And we know what he's going to do. And it really just comes down to execution. We got a couple good pitches to hit. And we're able to put some good swings on.

- And your two-run home run really locked in the win here tonight. But you've been swinging the bat really great recently. For you, what's been the difference in the box?

- You know, you just grind through every day, try to figure out something that works and that you can stick with and continue working on every day. You know, and I think I found something. We'll see how it goes. This game humbles you quickly. And you got to keep your head up.

- Congratulations on getting the win

- All right. Thank you.