#RallyGoose OK after collision

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Crazy moment in Detroit on Wednesday night.

REPORTER 1: Goose is on the field. They're trying to scare it off the field. Move it. Ah, yeah, flies the dirt instead.

REPORTER 2: Oh, yes.

REPORTER 1: Oh, yes.

REPORTER 2: Oh, yeah.

REPORTER 1: Quick. Can't quite get that launch angle down yet. Work at it. Nope, he ain't going anywhere. Worked all night to get these seats. And he's going to perch in left field. Nope. There he goes. He go-- he's in cruise control now. Oh, ran into the scoreboard-- down goes the goose. Oh, the poor thing.

Ran into one of those ribbon panels in the stadium. Hopefully, the goose is all right. He's OK, thankfully. Man, that's great. Time to take care of him. Seems to be OK now. And here's the announcement here to a nice applause the Tigers' faithful and Angels' faithful, as well.

"The goose is healthy and has been released" is what they put on the Comerica scoreboard. There already is, Jose, a Twitter account at Comerica goose. And # rally goose was trending, because in the bottom of the sixth, some of the Tigers scored five runs. And so they're going to roll with this. And all's well that ends well. The goose is going to be OK.

- As you mentioned, concern all over when they popped that thing that he was fine. Well, the scoreboard-- everybody was cheering. And certainly, about finding a vet tech to carry him and care for it in a proper way.

- An emergency veterinarian just happened to be right there. And so-- because everybody else was like, oh, gosh, what do we do? So that was excellent that that is how it ended up. So the Tigers, they got the goose. They got the victory. And no shut out, the no goose egg for the Angels. They definitely scored-- they scored one run. That was a wild goose chase, yeah.