The Goose is Loose! A bird crashes the Angels game… and then crashes into scoreboard

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Following the Angels second rain delay of the game, a goose made its way onto the field. Unfortunately for the bird, what followed was not very pleasant (Update, the goose was fine. It was taken out of the stadium and released in good condition)

- Moving.

- Oh yeah, he likes The dirt instead.

- Oh yes.

- Oh Yes.

- Yeah

- Quick.

- Can't quite get that launch angle down yet.

- Yeah. Working it.

- Nope. He ain't going anywhere.

- No. Worked all night to get these seats. And he's going to perch in left field.

- Yep.

- There he goes. He gone.

- He's in cruise control now.

- Oh! Ran into the scoreboard.

- Down goes the goose. Oh the poor thing.