Gubie Tuesdays: Which Angel is the best golfer?

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It's no secret baseball players love to hit the links on their days off so Mark Gubicza tries to find out which Angel is the best with the clubs

- All right. Garrett. Who's the best golfer on the team?

- I would have to say Ian Kinsler. Pretty good golfer.

MARK GUBICZA: Rumor has it you're a pretty good players, too, though.

- I enjoy golf. You know some days are better than others.

- The Heandog. Maybe G-Rich. I don't know.

- One of those two? If it was sudden death, who do you got between the two?

- I'd probably say the Heandog. I go with the lefties.

MARK GUBICZA: Rumor has it you're pretty good, though, too?

- When I hit them good.

- What about Trout? Trout always talks a good game. He had a hole-in-one a couple of years ago in spring training. He any good?

ANDREW HEANEY: He hits it far. That's for sure. And when he's putting it he's pretty dang good.