Angels Live: Happy Memorial Day!

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From all of us at FSW ... Happy Memorial Day!

- To me, this is the one holiday that is the most meaningful, guys. I had two grandparents that served in World War II. They made it back luckily. But they lost close friends. Friends then served in Vietnam who lost close friends and had lost close friends, as well as the most recent wars as well. Mark, let me start with you. What does Memorial Day mean to you and how has it impacted your family?

- Well I think what it comes down to it, I want to think anybody who's ever served. Men, women who served and put on that uniform and made the ultimate sacrifice. When you think about it, being around a number of those family members that lost people and knowing how difficult it is. You just sit there. You just want to embrace them and give them a hug and say thank you for what they've been able to do for us to do what we do right now.

- You know, as we pay tribute to them and think about their families as he mentioned, Patrick, also we ought to be thankful that they lived. Because we get to do this because of them and their sacrifice. It certainly is so joyful to run into their families as we are doing this type of job on the TV set or the booth to just say, hey, my dad, who is not here anymore, my mom, who is not here anymore, because we're not forgetting about, of course, the many women that served too. And they say we used to watch the games together. We used to watch the Angels or just watch baseball. It surely brings a true joy. And certainly for us, to know that there's some gratification and togetherness to baseball.

- Absolutely. We're here talking baseball because of their sacrifices for our freedom. I think it's so important to maybe tell somebody that might not understand the true meaning of this day that is what its about. Talking to Mike Scioscia. The military so important to his life. He's talking about uncles, nephews, grandparents, everybody served. So it's a big day for him as well, Mark.

- No, there's no doubt. And everyone realizes-- especially anybody who puts on that baseball uniform-- realizes how important it is to be able to show that gratification. And it's like I said. Just give a hug to anybody who served or had lost somebody who served in the military.