Angels Weekly QOTW: Memorial Day

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H/T to all those we remember and honor on Memorial Day.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Everybody across the country understands what those men and women do to sacrifice for us, and obviously for us to do something that we love that plenty of people aren't afforded the opportunity to do. So for us, you know, any time that we can take any kind of measures or time or anything to honor them, you know, it gives you a lot of pride.

- It's great. We get to have a nice 4th of July and celebrate all the people that sacrificed so much and given so much for us. And just to take one day out of the year to say thank you to them is great.

- Any time, you know, we get to celebrate our men and women in the service, I think, is a great opportunity for us. And you know, it's a way for us to thank them and maybe, you know, playing a game on a holiday. I know that a lot of times, those games are broadcast overseas. You know, anything that we've been able to do for them is always a great opportunity.

- I've got one brother that I'm very close with that serves in the military, and you know, I'm out there for every anthem. And I stand proudly with my hand over my heart.

- Playing on the 4th of July is-- you know, it's an American day. It's nothing like a national pastime. Fireworks and baseball-- it's just-- it's, you know, a great time. You remember it as a kid and how fun it was, and now you get to go out and provide the entertainment.

- Every holiday's, you know, special to play on. 4th of July is especially special, you know, playing for, you know, our troops and men and women overseas. You know, we can't thank them enough. We couldn't be playing this game without them over there, you know, fighting for our freedom. And you know, like I said, I can't thank them enough.