Angels Weekly: Justin Anderson focuses on helping students succeed

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Angels pitcher Justin Anderson spent the day fielding questions about his inspirations and baseball background, while trying to keep the focus on helping Russell Elementary students achieve their highest potential


ALL: Let's go Angels! Let's go Angels! Let's go Angels! I want you to give a Russell Ram welcome to the Angels. Here he is, Mr. Justin Anderson!

- What's going on, everybody? How are y'all doing out there today? I'm glad to be here with y'all. Good morning. I hope you've got y'all's questions ready for whatever you gotta throw at me this morning. I know Roger prepared me a little bit. But I'm excited to be here.

PRINCIPAL: What is your calm question for Justin Anderson of the Angels?

- What is his inspiration? What was his inspiration to join the Angels?

- My inspiration to keep moving forward, to make it to the big leagues with the Angels, has been just wanting it more than anyone else that I've ever known. That's all I've ever known to do. It's all I ever wanted to do. Nothing has ever stopped me, or came into my life to stop me from trying to achieve my goal, my dream of doing this.

- What is your question for Justin Anderson of the Angels?

- When did you start playing baseball?

- Yeah, when did you start playing this game of baseball, Justin?

- When I was a youngin'. When I was four years old.

PRINCIPAL: Four years old! Wow! And a big thank you for Justin Anderson!

- Thank you all for having me. This was great. Thank you. We're here talking with the kids over here at Russell elementary. Talking about hard work, making sure they stay focused on their schoolwork and stay focused outside of school as well, just so they can be able to learn in life and succeed.

- What inspired you to play baseball?

- Something about baseball just made me happier as a person, and that I knew I could be more successful at it. So I think doing that, and just being able to use my talents to show the world what I can do. I think that's what inspired me. This is a lot of fun. Definitely. You know, you didn't get to see something like this when I was in school. You know, we didn't have anyone from a sports team come talk to me or whatever. But being able to do this for the kids, it's definitely a lot of fun.