Angels Weekly: JC Ramirez gains 600 friends during elementary school visit

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Angels pitcher JC Ramirez spent his day visiting Monte Vista elementary school answering questions for student and left with more friends than he ever imagined

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Montavista elementary school. The Mustangs, baby. Let's go.

- Big fan of Angels!

- Nice. I need a big fan Angels. I like it!

- I want a nice, warm, Montavista Mustang welcome for the one, the only, JC Ramirez!


- What is your question for JC Ramirez?

- What's his favorite thing about baseball?

- What's your favorite thing about baseball? My favorite thing about baseball is to be outside everyday, to have a lot of friends, teammates, and play.

- When he was young like my age, did he always wanted to play baseball? I started playing baseball like her age. So my mom always told me, I got to go to school first. So in the morning, I went to school, and then in the afternoon I went to practice baseball. So I got my weekends to play baseball. Before I want to go, I wan to say thank you everybody. Thank you for inviting me. Now I have 600 more friends here. Thank you. I'm really happy to be here.


- The Angel Adopt-A-School is such a wonderful program. And for me to be able to come out, be a part of it, get in front of the kids, talk a little bit about where they are, where they want to go, and to do it with an angel player who has been where they've been, it's a treat. It's an honor, and it's a privilege, and we hope to keep this rolling. So to be here today and JC Ramirez, and in the past we've had so many great Angel players do it, it's a really cool program. Angels' Adopt-A-School rocks.

- I try to do it all the time. It's hard, because I got the baseball minor league team. It's really hard. That's why I practice everyday, I work hard everyday to become a good pitcher.

- That's what my mom says. Work hard and you will succeed.

- Exactly. That's the whole thing about it. Work hard and be smart. Always pay attention to what your parents and teachers say. You're going to be good. A lot of people that I follow, they came to my town. They came to do baseball before they came to my school to give you advice. And I really pay attention to them, and I remember what they told me when I was a kid. So, I think for me to come here and tell the people any kind of advice is awesome for me.