Recap: Blue Jays 5, Angels 3

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The Angels dropped their first game of a 10-game road trip after allowing five runs in the first inning and manager Mike Scioscia attributed a costly error in the outfield to the lights, but he is confident the defense is still on track to win the Halos some ball games

- It was right in the lights. Chris would have caught it if it wasn't in the lights. It was going to his right and he got a great jump on it and tracked it and it just went right into the lights and never really came out. And he just kind of had to estimate where the ball was coming out and just got a glove on it but didn't handle it. So that's it. You know, it's a tough break.

- You seem to have hit a little streak lately where you'll have an error or something go wrong and the pitchers are not able to pick them up and [INAUDIBLE] some more runs. Is that something--

- I don't know about that. I mean, it happens occasionally. I don't think there's any kind of a trend. We've got a terrific defensive club and it's going to show up as you continue and move on. We're turning our double plays, we've got really good range, and we've got a lot of confidence that our pitchers, when there is that little ball that gets through or an error or whatever happens, that they're going to make pitches and we'll get a double play ball. And we're comfortable with that.

- What did you think of the way Garrett pitched?

- Definitely pitched a little better than maybe a guy that only goes five innings. And some think his line score maybe really doesn't indicate how he pitched. There's no doubt there were a couple of sliders that got away from him. But all in all, he pitched out of some trouble to keep us in the game and finished five. But there's, you know, he's still-- Garrett's still searching for that consistency.

And he'll find it. He's been pitching well for us, but today he had to work really hard to get through five innings. And the first inning, obviously, was almost a 30 pitch inning. 25, 30 pitch, whatever it was. Obviously, you've got to try to catch your breath and rebound from it. And I thought he did a good job of that, but we just, on the offensive side, we just didn't pressure these guys enough.