Gubie Tuesdays: Who will win the NBA Finals?

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Angels pitchers put baseball behind for a moment to share who they think will win the NBA Finals

[MUSIC PLAYING] - The NBA champs in the final four setup-- Who do you got winning the NBA championship? I know you want one team, but they're not there right now.

- Yeah, the Lakers are sitting on the couch. But I think the Cavs will take it.

- Cavs, in the East.

- I think LeBron's going to take it home.

- I think that the Rockets are going to win it. But in all honesty, I think the Golden State Warriors are going to win it.

- I'll go with the Rockets.

- It would be fun to see the Celtics do it with the injuries they've had, all those young guys playing well. It'd be fun to watch.

- Thanks, Andrew. I appreciate it, man.

- Yeah, thank you.