Michael Hermosillo oozes happiness while describing his emotional MLB debut

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Michael Hermosillo went 1-for-4 in his major league debut after being called up from AAA Friday

- It's crazy. I was actually playing video games with a couple of buddies, Sherman Johnson one of them. I'm sure you remember Sherman.

And he just called, and he was like, hey Herm, I got some news for you. Are you standing up right now?

And I'm like, yeah. He's like, well you better sit down. And then he just told me.

I was kind of emotionless at first. It didn't really hit me. And then, once I called my parents, that's when it kind of hit me. I got a little emotional.

I called my girlfriend, everything like that. And it was just awesome-- an awesome experience.

- So when you call your parents and say, hey, I'm going to the big leagues. I mean, what was their reaction then?

- My mom was really excited. I could tell my dad was a little emotional.

I think my mom like-- I don't know. She saw I had an off day, so she was kind of hoping that that was the case. So when I called her, that was like the first thing she thought of.

But yeah. It was awesome to see their reaction, too.

- I've seen your smile on your face. You're going out there to right field. You see the fans all around here.

It was a big crowd here last night. What kind of energy did you feel, right away, before we even get to that catch you made?

Right. It was awesome, just looking around. Obviously, a third deck now.

So many people in the stands. It was wild just to see all that.

- So right away you've got to go field and make a good play defensively. How did that enable you to be able to relax and get to say, hey I'm ready to be in the big leagues now?

- That's what I was kind of saying last night. The one thing I kind of envisioned beforehand was be ready for a play early on. You know, like the ball always finds you. That's just how it goes.

And so when he hit that ball, I was like, all right. Here it is. Make a play.

And luckily I made a play against the wall off CJ. Sorry, CJ.

I became good friends with CJ over the off season. We worked out together. So apologies to him, but it was definitely awesome to get that out of the way.

- That was pretty cool, by the way. Even able to snap that hitting streak he had, too. So he'll really be happy with you.

- Yeah, exactly.

- So you come to the plate. First major league at bat in the show. And what do you do? You get a double.

I mean, how was that? When you're around the bases, are you thinking, that ball is going to land and all the sudden I'm going to get a base hit in the big leagues?

- Yeah. It was definitely awesome.

I actually was luckily able to slow that at bat down a little bit. I think things could have sped up, but I was luckily able to just keep everything in check.

And I got two balls. So I got in the hitter's count and just tried to do damage with that pitch.

Luckily, I didn't get all of it, but I got enough of it where I knew that it was definitely going to land. Obviously, after that it was just-- I was thinking third, honestly, for a while. But then with the top of the order coming up, I thought it was better just to stay at second.

- So as you see that baseball getting thrown in there-- you know guys always mess around, thinking where's that baseball going to end up?

Where did you see that baseball? And do you think they were going to pretend to throw it in the stands?

- Actually, I was a little flustered myself because I usually wear shin guard, but I didn't have one in time for the game. So I didn't have one.

And when I went to reach down to unstrap it, I didn't have anything. So I honestly wasn't even looking at the ball at that point.

And then I actually caught one of the ball boys throwing it away. And they're like, no, no, no. Give it back. But it was definitely awesome.

- All right. So where is that baseball right now? And then who was the first person you called once you said you got back into that clubhouse after the game and said, I got that knock.

- They actually just put it in a case for me right now. So I have it in my locker. After the game, I'll probably give it to my parents just to take home and definitely put up in the house or something.

- Can you put into words actually how that feels to be here in the big leagues, make a great defensive play, and then all of a sudden get a base hit right away? And to be part of a team that has some incredible superstars around you. Even though you were around them in spring training, this is a real game here.

- When you look around and see guys like Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Justin Upton, everyone-- it's wild to just know that you're playing with those guys. But at the same time, it's that realization like OK, you're here and you have to play. You have to ball out, too.

That's what I'm trying to do. I'm going to just try and do my best, play hard, and hopefully impress them, impress everyone, and just be a good teammate. Hopefully win some games.

- Mike, I appreciate it. I'm glad you really don't enjoy yourself at all, huh?

- A little bit.