Recap: Astros 2, Angels 0 (5/16)

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The Angels were unable to push across any runs against Justin Verlander, who picked up his 2,500th career strikeout, but Mike Scioscia was impressed with his own starter Garrett Richards who went seven strong

- Mike, Garrett Richards was locked in and gave this team every chance to win how would you evaluate his outing?

- You know, Garrett really-- you know, you take away maybe a couple of pitches and it's a 0-0 game. So I thought Garrett did a great job. I thought he maintained his stuff. And, you know, he finished seven strong innings for us.

We just couldn't get a hit here to put a little pressure on those guys. And last couple innings had tying runs on base and we couldn't get it done. But we just got to turn the page.

Verlander is-- you know, he when he smells the end of a game, it's where he really turns it up. And he pitched a great game tonight for them.

- On the opposite side, what makes Justin Verlander so good right now?

- Only seeing him twice this year, we haven't seen all his starts. But obviously, if you look at the video and you look at the numbers, he's doing everything. He's getting good velocity, hitting spots, good angles. He's tough.

We've got some-- we hit some balls hard and had some opportunities. Good to see Cole break out and hit a double. But we just couldn't get the one-- that one hit with guys in scoring position.

- The ball to Cozart, deflected little weird.

- Yeah, it cued. And the first hop looked normal and the second hop took a hard right turn-- left turn to his right. And he backhanded, but couldn't get the transfer and throw off. So that's just a terrible. hop.