Mike Trout is breaking Statcast records even with his outs

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Everyone can tell with the naked eye Mike Trout can hit the ball hard, but thanks to Statcast we know he hits it harder than anyone has ever hit it

BROADCASTER 1: There's a really interesting analytical article on Angels.com right now. If you love the sabermetrics, you're going to love this. It's all about the hard hit rate and the barrel rate being some of the best for Mike Trout since 2015. He made an out, according to Statcast, 118 miles per hour. That final out versus Minnesota. It is the hardest hit ball in Statcast history, and it goes for a line drive out.

BROADCASTER 2: His rate is unbelievable. He is, we can actually say, off the charts. Exit velocity, squaring the ball, and getting to the ball so quickly, which is one thing. As a fielder, I can tell you reacting to the way he hits the ball-- it's a little bit tougher because he does not have that long swing. So sometimes you're reading his swing and you're going, OK, even though-- if he hits the ball hard, I can read maybe somebody going around, staying inside of the ball. But Trout hits the ball so deep that as a fielder, you're thankful that ball's not headed to you with the infield playing in. How about that.