Angels AA pitcher Griffin Canning is absolutely dominating competition

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Griffin Canning has been on a tear so far this season in AA with a 1.49 ERA in eight starts, but his two starts in particular that began two no-hitters is what earned him the Jose Mota player spotlight

- Every time you talk about the Angels' draft picks, the farm [INAUDIBLE] is become a little bit more loaded, more options for the Angels to pluck from. Well, how about a local kid? How about Griffin Canning and what he's done, huh--

PATRICK O'NEAL: I love it.

JOSE MOTA: --to grab our attention? Because he has been the one that started a couple of no-hitters combined this season in the minor leagues. Second-round pick by the Angels. How about Rancho Santa Margarita-- big Angels fans, of course. UCLA record-- ERA 2.99, over 300 strikeouts in his career there. This season in the minors, started in A ball. They said, you know what, that's enough. Two starts-- get out of here. Go to AA and keep dominating.

Turned 22 just recently, and born in Mission Viejo. One thing we know is there's also a connection with the Angels' past, because his parents were, of course, season ticket holders. So on draft day, what did he like to hear when his name got called?

- I mean, the draft day was kind of hectic. You don't really know what's going to go-- what's going to play out. But I mean, I was with family and friends that, most of them also grew up as Angels fans. So to get the call from the Angels, see Jose Molina announce it was pretty cool.

Well, I mean, I think, coming from college, I'm a little bit more experienced. I mean, I look-- I look to help these younger guys even though they've been-- they might have been in the organization a little bit longer than me. But I mean, if I can, I'd love to help them out with what I learned in college. But I mean, baseball-wise, on the mound, I'm going to be a strike thrower. I'm going to throw four pitches. I'm going to attack hitters and-- and be competitive on the mound.

- Patrick, how about a 0.99 WHIP-- Walks, Hits Allowed per Innings Pitched? And quick arm-- he's athletic. He's got enough velocity. He can [INAUDIBLE] 92, 93 with some movement. And as he said, better than anything, four pitches he can go out there and work with.