Uchenna Nwosu grateful for his unique position to play for the Chargers where he grew up

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Uchenna Nwosu is a southern California kid through and through and after being drafted in the second round by the Los Angeles Chargers, he will have a chance to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL in his own backyard

- We are here with the L.A. Chargers second round draft pick, Uchenna Nwosu. And first of all, congratulations. You're a Southern California kid who got to play college ball at USC. Then you're drafted by the L.A. Chargers, literally playing in your backyard now. How special has this been for you and your family?

- It's been special, you know, just to be able to continue to play football, the game I love in the city I love, close to my family, my friends, the people who supported me so. That's all you can ask for. You know, I'm very humble. I'm very blessed to be in this position because it's not a major position that everybody gets to be in. So I'm happy for it.

- Not often at all. Now let's go back to draft day for you. What's your reaction when you hear your name being called?

- I was just so excited, man. Just couldn't believe it was true, you know, just be able to actually be drafted by a team-- you know, somebody actually sees value in me and loves me, you know, thinks of me highly as a person, as a player-- and for that to, you know, just to be drafted and called just felt great, just felt great. Loss for words.

- So special. And what's also really cool is you can see there's already some chemistry with you and your draft mates here. You're having a fun day here at the Big A. What do you think so far?

- It's awesome. I didn't really grew up a baseball fan. I kind of liked playing it, but I didn't really watch it too much. And this is my first time in a baseball stadium. So it's cool, you know, seeing the batters, the players, how they practice, how they warm up-- excuse me-- how it's different from what we do, you know. It's a cool experience.

- Now I know you guys are here because one of your teammates is also going to be throwing out the first pitch. I saw you warming him up-- Derwin on the outfield. How do you think he's going to do? How did he do?

- In warm ups he was a little shaky, a little iffy, you know. But I feel like when it's game time, he performs. So I'm looking forward to it. I know he's going to do well. And we'll see. We'll see.

- OK. If you could give him a pointer, what would it be?

- You know, just follow through. You know, that's in every sport-- basketball, baseball. You always got to keep that follow through. So just keep that back leg strong and follow through.

- So we'll see. We'll wish him luck.

- We'll wish him luck.

- Well thank you so much for joining us.

- Thank you.