Recap: Astros 5, Angles 3 (5/15)

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Angels manager Mike Scioscia liked 'everything' about the way Jaime Barria pitched in his fifth-career game Tuesday night and defended his bullpen management late in the game that allowed the Halos to lose their lead

REPORTER 1: Been a few games since you called on Jose Alvarez. He got into trouble right out of the gates against a couple of lefties. What did you see from him to keep him in after that?

- Jose's one of our most reliable guys down there against righties or lefties. He's got good stuff to go against righties-- really good changeup. And against-- did a good job after the two hits. Did a good job on Springer. Bregman-- got him 0-2 with some good pitches. Just couldn't put him away, and same with Jose Altuve. And give those guys-- Altuve hit a good pitch, and--

REPORTER 1: On a positive--

- That's probably the--

REPORTER 1: Sorry.

- The one guy you don't want to see in that situation up there, but unfortunately, you found him.

REPORTER 1: On a positive note, Jaime Barria had an outstanding game. What impressed you about his outing?

- Everything. I think Jaime made some adjustments, definitely, going around the lineup a third time and fourth time with some guys. He made adjustments, and that's what Jaime does. He's got terrific command. Used a changeup, breaking ball, pitched in, pitched out. He did a great job.

REPORTER 1: And your offense did a good job getting a couple hits, couple runs against a tough pitcher. Justin Upton now, six home runs in 10 games. What has he been doing well these last few weeks?

- I think he's just seeing the ball and not missing pitches. When he was a little bit of a dry spell a couple of weeks ago, he was just getting a pitch, was missing it. Right now, when he gets a pitch to hit, he's putting a good swing on it and he hasn't been missing it.