Corey Maggette optimistic about the Clippers’ two lottery picks

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Corey Maggette knows a thing or two about picking in the lottery as a former top seleciton himself, so he is excited at the different possibilities the Clippers have ahead of them with either selecting 12 and 13 or trading them for a big star.

COREY MAGGETTE: Now we're here at the 2018 Lottery. The Clippers just got the 12th and 13th pick.

We had a chance to talk to Mr. Logo himself, Jerry West, and also the president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank. It's going to be some great picks from the 12 and 13.

If you don't know, a guy by the name of Mr Kobe Bryant himself was selected in 1996 with the Lakers. At the time, he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, traded to Lakers with Jerry West on that 13th pick.

And yours truly. In 1999, I was drafted with the 13th pick.

They have a lot of flexibility. You think about what they did, making that blockbuster trade with Blake Griffin. Over $175 million that Blake Griffin signed.

Now the Clippers have a ton of flexibility to make some great changes in this off season. It could be a possibility that they can make a trade, to trade up to trade those two draft picks to get one of the premier guys.

We know that Paul George is out there. The other guys-- Kawhi Leonard is another guy maybe you can use as trade bait to bring him with the Clippers.

But Lawrence Frank, as well as Jerry West, is going to do a phenomenal job of trying to draft the best player to fit those spots. The Clippers are really needing a leader. That's what Jerry West talked about.

They need a leader. When you have those 12th and 13th picks, it will be a lot of learning that they will have to do. The Clippers have a great staff that will be able to teach these guys to be better men, as well as better basketball players.

But stay tuned. It's coming up in the draft in June.